Splint Therapy Bristol

Bristol Splint Therapy Treatment - High Street Dental ClinicSplints can be used as a diagnostic, maintenance and treatment therapy.

We use mostly Tanner Mandibular Appliances, which fit onto the lower teeth but may prescribe an upper appliance in certain cases.

All appliances are carefully made in our own laboratory, by the Bristol dentist, to maintain quality control.

The appliances are made from hard plastic, with the lining material fitted directly to you in the surgery to ensure a perfect fit.

All appliances are then carefully adjusted in the mouth to give a stress-free, neutral bite. This allows the jaw muscles to relax, and many related symptoms to subside.

Wearing an appliance at night will protect you from the effects of nighttime tooth grinding (bruxism).

Appliances can be designed to incorporate features that reduce snoring and improve sleep apnoea.

For severe tooth-grinders, we can make and fit a different type of appliance called a B-Splint to reduce the amount of muscle activity and protect the teeth.