Lingual Braces in Bristol

Have you considered braces but feel self-conscious about them being visible at all? High Street Dental Clinic offer a treatment that can straighten your teeth without them being seen at all with lingual braces. Lingual braces, unlike traditional fixed braces are affixed to the back of your teeth rather than your teeth, meaning that they are hidden away, while they still provide advanced teeth straightening.

How Do they Work?

Lingual braces work using the most advanced dental technology available, with a series of custom made brackets that are tailored specifically to your mouth. The brackets and arch-wires are self-ligating, which provides extra comfort and easy movement throughout your treatment. They provide all the strength and function of traditional fixed braces, but while being completely inconspicuous.

How are they fitted?

It usually takes two appointments to fit your Lingual Braces and begin your treatment. In your first appointment at High Street Dental Clinic, we take dental impressions of your teeth, which we will then send off to the laboratory in order to create your custom-made bespoke brackets. At the next appointment we will affix the braces behind your teeth; the first step is to use dental cement to glue the brackets and then we will fit an arch-wire onto the brackets. This wire is tightened and the teeth straightening process begins.

What are the benefits?

The main reason lingual braces are chosen and their biggest benefit is the complete inconspicuous teeth straightening they provide. Along with being discreet, incognito brackets are designed to allow easier access to your teeth for better teeth cleaning and unlike removable retainers and braces there is no need to remove them to eat or drink. Along with this, the braces have a flat finish unlike traditional fixed braces, which make them more comfortable to wear.

On top of their invisibility, lingual braces are also very kind to your teeth, by taking advantage of the back of your teeth. The back of your teeth resists decalcification easier, so attaching braces to the back is safer than traditional front attached orthodontics.

Unlike other invisible teeth straightening solutions, lingual braces work in a similar way to traditional fixed braces and so can be used to treat a wider range of cases, as well as more serious teeth straightening that relies on bigger teeth movements.

Taking care of your lingual braces

While wearing any brace treatments it is very important to be strict about your oral hygiene and stick to a stringent routine. While undergoing lingual braces treatment, it is vital that your teeth and gums are kept healthy throughout. Our dental experts will talk you through exactly how you can take care of your teeth when you come to have your lingual braces fitted.

Would you like fixed brace treatment without anyone knowing? Get in touch with High Street Dental Clinic and we will give you a smile to be proud of with no one knowing your secret.

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